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18 Jun 2015 6:54 PM, Announcements Mahesh Vyas

CMIE signs MoU with University of Michigan

MoU envisages joint development of Indian consumer sentiment survey

CMIE signed an agreement with the Survey Research Center of the Institute for Social Research of the University of Michigan on 17 June, 2015.

The two organisations have agreed to promote the following activities:

  1. Joint development of an Indian consumer sentiment survey

  2. Joint projects to test and advance new approaches in social science research

  3. Joint development of survey research projects

The Ann Arbor based Survey Research Center is an international leader in interdisciplinary social science research involving the collection and analysis of data, especially data from scientific sample surveys. It conducts some of the most widely cited and influential studies in the world.

Survey Research Center is well-known for its long-running surveys, such as the Survey of Consumer Attitudes, the Panel Study of Income Dynamics, the Monitoring the Future Study, and the Health and Retirement Study. The Panel Study of Income Dynamics is the only social science project included in the National Science Foundation’s listing of the Nifty Fifty (50 top research projects in NSF history).

CMIE conducts the largest survey of Indian households. It runs a survey over a panel of nearly 160,000 households thrice in a year. Results of the survey are disseminated by CMIE in its Consumer Pyramids service. This service provides quarterly estimates of household income, expenses and savings; proportion of households that invest and those that borrow. It also provides estimates of the age-gender distribution, occupation and education levels of individuals.

CMIE has plans to launch additional services based on this survey data. The development of a consumer sentiments index in collaboration with Survey Research Center of University of Michigan is one of them.

The MoU with University of Michigan will help CMIE in expanding the use of the Consumer Pyramids data in academic research. CMIE plans to make its record level data collected from the survey available to researchers.

The Survey Research Center hopes to academically exploit the vast amounts of data collected and paradata captured by CMIE during the execution of the survey.